When I started my production company I was motivated to grow an industry, stimulate our economy, and create jobs that would allow people to raise their families in the Spokane area that we all love so much.

Nearly 25 years later, we’ve made over 50 feature length films, shot thousands of commercials, put people to work, and continue to bring millions of dollars to the Spokane area each year.  Many of my partners, employees and I are enjoying watching our grown children begin families and careers of their own.  I consider myself very fortunate to have been involved in building a successful business and see the life-cycle continue.

And yet, I am deeply concerned about so many of our family, friends and neighbors who were hit hard by the recession and continue to fall further behind.  As I talk with people around Spokane from all walks of life who are struggling to find work, raise their families, and retire with dignity, I am again motivated to help grow local industry, stimulate our economy and create family-wage jobs.

I will apply my skills through service in the Washington State Senate so that many other Spokane-area employers, employees and all facets of our society can succeed.

Job-creation, education, and transportation are among my top priorities.  These areas are in great need of improvement if we are to grow and strengthen our middle-class.

I hope to explore these and other issues with you during this campaign and am grateful for the opportunity to earn your vote.

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